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Since the turn of the century, rapid developments in technology coupled with a cultural shift has led many to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and embark on their own business ventures. California has been at the forefront of this start-up explosion, with the ever popular “Silicon Valley” situated in San Francisco and the growing “Silicon Beach” situated in Santa Monica. In addition to our California presence, our affiliations in Miami, Florida allow us to tap into some of the fastest growing start-up scenes on the West and East coasts.

At Eandi Fitzpatrick LLP, we have counseled and consulted with a variety of start-ups and have been able to develop cost effective and efficient solutions to help turn new business visions into reality. Whether you need assistance in forming a new entity, securing funding, protecting your intellectual property or complying with the many different regulatory issues that start-ups face, we can help navigate the legalities of your new business venture. As legal issues are not the only challenges a start-up will face, our business experience and vast network of venture capitalists, marketers and business development professionals provide us with an avenue to help in other areas, from perfecting marketing materials, decks and pitches to securing funding.

Outside of entities in their initial growth stage, we also work with corporate clients on many of the challenges facing developed businesses, such as corporate governance, regulatory compliance, buyouts, mergers and acquisitions, labor and employment issues. Our attorneys have experience working in-house with international companies, giving them the insight needed to deal with many of the issues faced by companies on a daily basis.

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