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Intellectual Property

In a day and age where access to media and the avenues through which material may be disseminated are evolving on an almost daily basis, it has never been more important to protect some of your most important intangible assets – namely, your intellectual property. At Eandi Fitzpatrick LLP, we work with a wide range of individuals and companies, such as start-ups, international conglomerates, social media influences and artists, to create cost effective and efficient solutions to protect and enforce their intellectual property rights. With our experience within the areas of trademarks, copyrights, patents, and digital media, we are able to help our clients develop streamlined plans  while taking into account the varying importance and use for different pieces of their intellectual property.


With our trademark practice, we provide initial clearance searches and advisory opinions regarding the selection of specific trademarks, assessing important factors such as the likelihood of 3rd party claims for unfair competition or infringement as well as the likelihood of success in obtaining federal trademark protection through the USPTO. We also assist clients in all steps of filing for, and obtaining, federal protection including filing both In-Use and Intent-to-Use trademark applications, obtaining international trademark protection, cancellation and opposition proceedings with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, and responding to office actions and final rejection appeals. Unfortunately, obtaining legal protection is only the beginning of your journey in developing and preserving your trademarks. Post registration, we assist clients with monitoring the USPTO for competing marks seeking registration and representation in  proceedings in front of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board to oppose registration of those marks.


We help our clients obtain copyright registration and thereafter enforce their copyrights. We assist with dispute resolution and federal litigation relating to copyright infringement claims,  provide guidance to ensure compliance with the Digital Millennium Act, and can help negotiate licensing agreements. We advise clients on the nuances of copyright law, such as the applicability of the Fair Use doctrine, Work-For-Hire issues, copyright assignment and termination rights.


We strategically advise clients on how to properly prioritize and obtain patent protection, for both provisional and non-provisional patent applications. We provide consulting services to help individuals and companies navigate between the various forms of patents available such as design, utility and plant patents. We also assist clients in developing and managing patent portfolios, fighting infringers and engaging in licensing and joint venture opportunities. Our global experience prosecuting patent applications also allows us to protect and enforce patents on an worldwide scale.

Websites & Social Media

Selecting website domain names and social media handles are now viewed as integral assets of business marketing. Whether you are an individual, start-up, or established company, we can assist you in selecting and acquiring choice  website domain names. Additionally, our developed network within the entertainment and digital media industry allows us to seek verification services or obtain specific social media handles for our clients.

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