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Information Technology

With the rapid advancement in technology and computer processing power, it may come as no surprise that many businesses are now run through the use of software that requires industry sophistication and an understanding of IT “jargon” – as well as an understanding of how to asses and negotiate deals for the use of such software. In addition, the increased presence of technology in the work place, and more specifically in e-commerce, has led to a whole body of regulations governing data security.

At Eandi Fitzpatrick LLP, we work with our clients to assess the validity of and to negotiate a wide variety of technology related agreements, such as:

  • Service as a Software agreements
  • development agreements
  • payroll processing agreements
  • vendor agreements
  • end user license agreements
  • support and maintenance agreements
  • subscription agreements

We also assist our clients in creating in-house employee guidelines and processes to prevent data loss and security breaches. Through our developed network, we are able to foster a collaborative work environment between our clients and leaders within the IT security industry. We can also provide legal guidance and ensure you company’s compliance with IT auditing requirements for system controls as promulgated under international  service organization reporting standards, and more specifically, SSAE 16 and SOC reports.

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